Friday, January 2, 2015

Five O'Clock Somewhere II

I was so excited about the results of bowl games yesterday that I couldn't sleep last night! Well, it's true... but it's also an excuse for posting a painting I actually did a couple of years ago.  The other excuse is that I spent all day packing away Christmas decorations, dismantling mantles, and sweeping up pine needles. I hurried with these chores, but somehow the day got away from me and there was no time left for painting.

This painting was painted (roughly) from a friend's photograph taken in a hotel lounge somewhere in Toronto, Canada.  I completed a series of paintings from her "bar top" photos, and from time to time, still paint from these awesome references.  This one is on a wrapped canvas so the painting actually continues around the side for 2".  It measures 18" x 18", and is still one of my favorites.

All these days off for the holidays, and now it's the weekend! Hope yours is great!

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