Sunday, January 4, 2015

Papa Graham's Salted Apples


Growing up, my Great-Uncle Alton was the only "grandfather" my sister and I had, so he became our "Papa Graham."  He was a wonderful man, and to this day, I recall him looking just like Jimmy Stewart. A tall lanky man with white hair, and a long, somewhat crooked nose. Thank God that we had him in our lives. Although he's no longer with us, memories of him could translate to hundreds of paintings.

This painting was inspired by his memory. He would often come in from working outside and sit down at the table with an apple he just picked from the farm's orchard.  He'd slice it up with his pocket knife, then sprinkle salt on each piece before popping them in his mouth.  Even though I didn't have a pocket knife to paint, I still enjoyed painting this piece.... because of him.  It did get me wondering though... what ever became of that knife? Wouldn't that be a treasure to have!

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