Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NOT Macaroni & Cheese

#029 - $20

I do not have the TV on today! No Food Network for me. Instead, I'm behaving myself with this cool & crispy English Cucumber and these wonderful little sweet Grape Tomatoes. 

I'm not so sure about this composition. There seems to be a lot of "dead" space in the center that almost makes a triangle. I tried keeping that space somewhat interesting by paying special attention to the odd shadows on the plate, but I think it helped very little.  The tomatoes did cast a red shadow, but I'm afraid not as saturated as I made them. 


  1. Hi Beth,

    I'm no master of composition, but for what it's worth it works for me. I think the color and all the interesting shapes of the cucumbers and tomatoes keeps your eye from settling on the empty space for too long. I like this piece very much.

    1. Thank you, Gabrielle! I really appreciate the input. It's always so nice to get another artist's impression. :)