Monday, February 23, 2015



Sometimes it's really hard not to eat your props. The other day, I was drawing a large image of one piece of popcorn. I had my prop sitting right on the paper so I could really see the details 'up close'. I had more popcorn (for eating) out on a paper towel next to me. I don't know if you've ever drawn popcorn in detail, but it takes some effort and time (for me, anyway). So I was almost finished, I looked up at my piece of carefully positioned popcorn prop, and... it was gone. I had eaten it. One good thing that came from it is that it caused me to pay special attention to not eating my edamame today. (Actually, I had two so that I could put them in the 'empties' cup.)

This painting was done over a purple background, and there is actually quite a bit of purple showing through in this painting. Unfortunately, my photography skills are pathetic. And my editing skills are worse. Guess I just have to keep trying!

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