Monday, February 16, 2015

On A Board

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This is my first painting on a board! How fun! I've had the thin wood slabs around for a couple months, and finally got them cut into 6" x 6" pieces. The paint just glides on! Smooth, smooth, smooth. I enjoyed it so much, I painted two pieces today. And it was the perfect day to paint and look out the window. I had to, after all, keep an eye on our anticipated winter storm. 

I waited and waited....  I've been waiting.... all winter. :/  I still haven't had a chance to jump on my new orange saucer. It's been years since I flew down a snowy hill clinging to one of those things. Moving to the Atlanta area from Michigan really put a damper on that! None the less, I've since moved to the North Georgia Mountains... I know my chances are much better here. So far though, only rainy icy sleet. Tonight I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, you know what I'm doing! Weeeeeee!

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