Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DPW Challenge - Raw Umber Sky

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I did this painting after being inspired by a Daily Paint Works weekly challenge (a monochromatic painting). It also prompted me to pull out a much larger painting that I started a year ago, got frustrated with, and set aside. When I put it down, I was not enjoying my "tight" approach to painting. That was when (and why) I started Daily Paint Works. Above is my small (6"x6") DPW entry. It was surprisingly easy, quick, and fun. Quite different from the UNfinished larger original below. I'm hoping this little exercise will get me fired up about finishing it. It's on a 24"x24" wrapped canvas 2" deep. If or when I finish it, I'll re-post it.

By the way, Winter Storm Warning number 5 or 6 now. Still hoping for the snow I need to get my saucer out! Fingers crossed as usual. :) Stay warm, and thanks for stopping by.

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