Saturday, February 21, 2015



This painting was done with what "purples" were left on my palette from the painting before it (Multi Purples). The grapes appear a bit more blue because I used up most of the reddish purples on the first painting. Maybe I should've made them blueberries! (history: The day before I mixed up as many different purples as I could.  Had some left over, and didn't want to mix more just for these few grapes. I don't paint with purple very often, and besides that, I'm "thrifty"... My sister would call that "cheap"! haha)

I'm really enjoying painting on the wooden panels! I put 2 coats of acrylic "gesso" on this one and then lightly sanded it before I painted. It was so smooth and even! Very nice to paint on. I definitely would recommend trying it if you haven't.

Hope everyone is staying warm, or at least thawing/digging out from this crazy weather! We're iced in up here in the north Georgia mountains, but there's plenty of fire wood. Even tho there's no sledding snow for my orange saucer, I'm still enjoying every minute of it! 

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