Tuesday, March 10, 2015



It was so hard to get this little guy to pose long enough for me to paint this picture! Ok, well actually.... I crumpled a lunch bag, then got online and looked up "mouse face" on Google. After wading through dozens of Mickey portraits, I came to this one. He's so cute, and the photo just doesn't do him justice. Thanks to the DPW weekly challenge! I never would have thought to paint this.

I'll try to take another photo when my outdoor lighting is better. Sorry. Wish you could see this little guy up close!

Had the same photo sna-fu with #058, but it's posted here below:


Apple in Glass - I used the same glass lidded bowl for this painting as #057 (below). Wanted to lean the lid on it, but couldn't get is to look right. The apple was really too big for the bowl.

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you're having a great week! BTW! FIRST DAFFODIL showed his face in my yard yesterday! YAY!

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