Saturday, March 28, 2015

10 Minutes A Pop


This was just a study I did, spending 10 minutes on each piece. I normally might not post an exercise, but this one was particularly fun and with pretty good results. As this type of exercise does, it forces you to paint quickly and loosely, more intuitively. 

I looked for popcorn pieces on google images. Did you know that people actually take pictures of their popcorn pieces and post them online? They post pieces that look like something else. One might look like an animal, another a face, or a car. It was actually pretty amusing (or maybe I'm just easily amused). Now it makes complete sense why painting these reminded me of painting clouds. HA!

OH yeah! Almost forgot! Pulled #060 from daily paint works because it was too dark and I couldn't get a good picture of it. Until now, I didn't post it here. Still has the problem, but here 'tis. I feel better if I don't skip a number. We're all a little OCD, right?

Someone complimented me on this painting, saying, "Nice beets!" That's why it's called "Not Beets" ...... they're actually radishes. :) 

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