Friday, March 27, 2015

Pssst! Pistachios

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Growing up, pistachios were always a treat. They were always red, too. I don't even think they make red ones anymore, do they? They (whoever "they" is) also don't make the glass warming cases that corner stores used to sit on the counter to keep a variety of nuts warm. Seems like the only warmth came from a light bulb, and when you bought some the clerk would scoop them into a little bag for you. Do you remember that? Only if you're over 50 probably. 

Anyway, below are a few of the steps it took to paint this one. Similar to the peanuts painting:

Started with the sketch. Notice my half-point hash marks. I always do that. It makes this part so much easier. And believe it or not, I carefully "posed them". I didn't just throw them down and start sketching. You probably can't tell tho. HA!

Found my darkest shadows. It gave form to my composition immediately. Notice I also saved the little bit of pistachio green right away. Couldn't wait for that part!

Here the background went down. I kept it very subtle. It's a cooler gray color, as the pistachios are a warmer color and I wanted them to pop up off the canvas.

When I mixed the color for the shells, I mixed it dark then used that to mix variations of lighter values. I laid this in darker to lighter, sometimes integrating a bit of the background grays to the shells' undersides.

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