Monday, April 6, 2015

Farewell To Pansies

Can't believe it's been over a week since I posted anything! Spring break can do that to ya...


The other day was the most gorgeous day yet this spring in North Georgia. Time to say goodbye to the Pansies. Down here, Pansies are what we plant in the fall. They don't mind the cold, sticking around through the worst months of winter when everything else has given up. They maintain their bright and cheerful attitudes, showing off their vibrant purples, yellows, and reds. (So why are they called Pansies? Isn't that the slang for being weak or frail, maybe even wimpy?) Anyway, as pretty as they are, I'm still ready to say "adios, muchachos!" Time to bring on the hydrangeas!

You may be able to tell that flowers are not my forte'. In fact, I think I've only ever painted them on other time, years ago. But between the weather and my new outdoor easel, I had to do it!

No link to buy.... This painting is hidden on my daily paint works.

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