Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holland For Two


This is a painting from a picture I took several years ago while in the Netherlands. I've actually painted several versions of it.  I was inspired to post this one because of Belinda Del Pesco's blog post today. She wrote about painting from places she'd been and things she'd done ... places that inspired or comforted her, places from the past. She asked if others do that.  I definitely do!  Interiors are my very favorite type of work.  I love that they hold a story or a mystery ... or a memory.  I love how they can capture a moment, and capture an emotion.  

The "place" in this painting is a small room for two where a friend and I stayed.  We were in a beautiful little town named Haarlem, away from Amsterdam, out near windmill country.  Our cozy room looked out over the town square.  When you paint an image like this, it's like you can step right back into it.  It reminds of the fantastical idea of jumping into a chalk painting on the sidewalk.  (I can't help it! I loved that movie!  lol)

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