Friday, December 5, 2014

Here We Go A-Wassailing


'Tis the season!  Wassail is an amazing thing.  Fresh apple cider, cinnamon sticks, an orange and whole cloves for the wassail ball.... and a crock pot.  If you've never prepared a wassail before, it's really easy. And the kids love to make the wassail balls.  I usually use 2 oranges (or tangerines, or mandarins). Take the whole cloves and puncture them into the orange like a tack (leave the peel on, obviously)....  20 or more cloves per orange. Put them in the crock pot with the cider and several fresh cinnamon sticks. Start it on high until you can really smell the spices.  Then just turn it down, get a ladle and mugs, and you're all set! Everyone seems to love it.  Plus, it makes the house smell great! :)

Why did I include whole nutmeg in the painting?  I just liked the bottle.... plus that's what I'll grate on top of my other favorite holiday drink..... egg nog.  

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