Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Almost Caught Up! (3 more!)

#105 - New School Jitters (Back-to-School Challenge)

I took this picture on Jackson Square (French Quarter, New Orleans) back in the spring. I've been wanting to paint it ever since, but because I'm really not a figurative painter, I haven't tried. What better time to do it then "A Challenge!"

There was actually a whole group of children; apparently, they were on a field trip, all lined up in their matching uniforms. They were there for soo long that they all looked just miserable! Boy, remember those days!?


I posted two others that aren't really numbered DPW pieces. This first is one of my larger pieces that I just finished (link below for the story behind it).  It's called Cloud Farming:


Here's the other one: It's called Cabo Girls (click link for story).


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