Wednesday, April 8, 2015


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One of the main reasons I started doing daily paintings, is to help with my larger pieces. (I was getting bogged down, too tight, and loosing the "fun" inspiring part of painting.) Trouble is, I've had so much fun with the daily small ones that I've neglected any of my bigger work. Art shows have been coming and going and I have little new to exhibit anymore. MY BAD! Time really does fly when you're having fun. Anyway.... I've had a painting sitting in my studio for months .... ok, a year ... almost finished, with people asking about it. (It's part of a fairly popular series that I started a few years ago ... ok, maybe a decade.) 

Anyway... trying to get back into my larger works with this study. (Obviously) there's a hand in the painting. I had my husband pose for this. What I learned:  1. The positioning of this pose will work... mostly.  2. I need to add a lot more shadowing, and accentuate a very warm top-down lighting.  3. The cool shadows will have to be warmed up.  4. The inside of the hand can be softened.  5. My husband has an extra fold between his top two knuckles on his index finger! (How'd I miss that?) Guess I'll have to soften it or eliminate it entirely. The fold, that is. :)

Happy Painting!

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