Thursday, June 25, 2015

Duck. Duck. Chicken.


There's an artist on I've really been enjoying. I'll have to look up her name .... not enough coffee yet this morning to remember it. She paints still lifes using a shadow box that she made. I got so excited, I asked her if she would mind telling me how she did it. Then without even waiting for her answer, I grabbed a flattened cardboard box and simply spray painted the inside black (including all the flaps).  I close one end, set it up on a small stool to get it to the height I want, clip a small night light from the outer flap, and viola! a shadow box! You can also do back lighting with it by simply running the light through the back flaps. I also change out between a 4 watt and a 7 watt bulb. At the hardware store I picked up an extension cord with the socket on the end. I worked perfectly. I just clip it on with a binder clip. You can hang a piece of black fabric over it too, if you want... for extra darkness.

Meanwhile, the artist I asked about it very graciously got back with me with all the details (and more great help!), and I wasn't TOO far off.  Mine is just more basic, I guess. Simple minds. 

Oh Yeah! This painting is of two beautiful greenish duck eggs and a brown "fancy" hen egg. The duck egg in the front was HUGE! These eggs are going to become a permanent addition to my weekly farmer's market list, for sure! 

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