Monday, November 24, 2014

Getting Started


OK, I'm taking a deep breath and going to try to contribute to my daily painting experience through this blog.  I'm just getting started, and while it took me a good week to get all my "technology" figured out and set-up, I have actually been painting. I'm starting with this one, though.... #000.  It's numbered that because this is a 5x7 that I did PRE Carol Marine and her wonderful book!  It's tight, rigid and lifeless.  It was also not that fun to paint.  

I still need to figure out how to put paintings up for auction or sale on my blog. It'd be great to sell this one (even for $1), if only to signify my moving on from this stale old approach.   I'm ready to jump in, loosen up, have fun, paint almost everyday, and learn all that I can from this experience.  Thanks to Carol and all the other daily painters for the inspiration!!!!  

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